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to be interested in (fashion, playing guitar): to be curious about, to be attracted to (fashion, playing guitar)
The construction to be interested in can be followed either by a noun or a verb in the ING form:

I'm interested in politics.
I'm interested in writing a book.

to be interested by (a proposal): to be intrigued, fascinated by (a proposal); to be attracted to (a proposal)
The construction to be interested by can only be followed by a noun:

I am interested by the subject of the book.


  • "I'm interested, but I'd prefer an initial order of 30,000 units."
  • "I'm from Arkansas, and the only thing I'm interested in is seeing your Queen sitting in her palace with her crown jewels on her head."
  • "Absolutely I'm interested."
  • "I really hope that this is Xiao Xiao, the woman interested in buying my masterpiece, "Multiplicity"."
  • "oh, and there's this horse I've got in the back, but you're probably not interested in her."
  • "He is very interested in purchasing your painting "Multiplicity" (or "Absurd Crimson Symphony" as it is translated in Chinese)."
  • "-Do you mind if I ask you why you're interested in a position for which you're clearly overqualified?"
  • "Radio Rhubarb listeners, I'm interested in your opinions."
  • "I'm not interested in party central, but I enjoy socializing with roommates, as well as chilling out on the sofa watching Star Wars over and over again."
  • "Perhaps you can let Edward know - maybe he's interested in suing his parents."

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