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to interfere: to intervene, to intrude, to get involved without need
Luna often interferes in her colleagues' disputes, but only to give her advice. Sometimes it is appreciated, other times she is told to mind her own business.
Don't interfere! Leave me to do it alone or you will ruin everything.

interference: intrusion, intervention; white noise, disturbance
We didn't hear the music on the radio because there was some interference with the signal. All we heard was a loud, crackling sound.


  • "It wouldn't be prudent for me to interfere right now."
  • "Unfortunately, this new behavior did not interfere with their habitual paranoia regarding Delavigne's profit margins."
  • "Granted, personal issues should not interfere with job performance, however it is my firm belief that, given time, Doris will regain her previous productivity."
  • "these days they just come in a different form. Smythe says that private sector companies are finding ways to compensate workers without using union labor, "The perks that a dotcom like Doodle provides for its staff, without any union interference, are unbelievable: free meals, childcare, dry cleaning services, gold-leafed toilet paper, the list goes on and on."
  • "I would ask that you do not invite an "outside" technical specialist to interfere with our system. Our network is configured in a very "personal" way."

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