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to investigate: to examine, to study, to research, to look into, to analyze, to inspect
They're investigating the robbery. They will study the evidence to try to find the perpetrator.

an investigation: an examination, a study, an inquiry, research, a review

he is under investigation: he is being investigated, they are currently inquiring into his actions
Last year's bank robbery is still under investigation. The police have not yet found the culprit.


  • "Fortunately for law enforcement officials, the investigation lasted less than an hour."
  • "I'm not saying an American firm would be any better, but perhaps we could investigate other options."
  • "Is this some sort of undercover investigation?"
  • "Is it true that Delavigne is currently under investigation by the California Animal Rights Organization, following anonymous reports of monkey abuse?"
  • "Authorities are currently investigating possible links to notorious perfume magnate Kalvin Krime."
  • "I need you to investigate a salesman named Spencer."
  • "No investigation was conducted."
  • "I'll investigate the case, and try to get to the bottom of all of this."
  • "Today we'll be investigating scams and schemes, and talking about how to avoid them."

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