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to jam (a coin into a machine): to block, to obstruct; to force, to push; to stick, to be unable to move (money in a machine)
Horatio accidentally jammed his finger in the door. He shut the door on his finger!
The radio signal was jammed by the enemy. The enemy stopped them from receiving the radio signals.

(toast with) jam: a fruit conserve, preserve (often eaten on grilled bread)

to jam (music): to improvise (music), to play music informally in a group
to jam is often used in the context of music. It can also mean "to improvise (a piece of music, a solo)".

Luna loves jamming with her friends. They often get together and play music informally.

Here are some idiomatic expressions with the word jam:

a traffic-jam a large number of vehicles unable to move or moving very slowly
to be in a jam to have a problem, to be in a difficult situation
jam-packed full of people, crowded with people


  • "No, no, no the paper is "jammed"."
  • "We did see a guy first thing this morning who had a meat skewer jammed through his forearm. He said his ex-wife did it after she found out he lost his job."
  • "Icarus : Jam inside?"
  • "Apparently there is jam inside."

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