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a joke: a funny story, a jest, a gag, a bit of fun
I don't find that joke very funny. It does not make me laugh.
Philip, can't you take a joke? Stop being so serious, I was only having a bit of fun.

to joke, to make a joke, to joke around: to make people laugh, to act in a funny way, to jest
I was just joking. I wasn't serious.
Don't joke around with me! Be sincere, serious with me!


  • "You don't think my jokes are funny?"
  • "You may think that this is some sort of joke, but this is no laughing matter."
  • "Adding "joke" module."
  • "You were really great out there, with all those jokes about killing people!"
  • "YOU'RE "AVIN" A LARF (You're joking)"
  • "Removed Philip's testosterone chip after inappropriate joke about silicon implants."
  • "Marlene : Those weren't jokes."
  • "Do you know what happened to the last person who didn't think my jokes were funny?"
  • "Here's my first joke: a kangaroo walks into a bar and asks for a whiskey."
  • "Here's another joke: A man goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, my wife thinks she's a chicken."

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