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to know: to be familiar with, to possess knowledge of, to understand
I don't know him. I have not met him, I am not familiar with him.
I know how to swim. I can swim.

This is an irregular verb:
I know / I knew / I have known

known: recognized, familiar, famous, renowned
well-known widely-recognized, familiar, renowned

(What do you) know about (skiing)?: (What) can you tell me about (skiing)?
Pronunciation examples
UK: The verb "to know" is irregular: know/knew/known.
US: I know you love to conjugate verbs.


  • "Do you know what I saw?"
  • "Do you know what it means to suck, Brian?"
  • "Do you know what a billion dollars can buy you?"
  • "Now that I "know" him for two years I'm confident that he is the one for me."
  • "Do you know what this means?"
  • "Youri want to know where is nice woman Susan Bliss?"
  • "Do you know what happened to the last person who didn't think my jokes were funny?"
  • "I know you must be anxious to hear her beautiful voice again."
  • "Susie : Well, I know relationships aren't always perfect Samantha, but they're not as bad as all that!"
  • "I know it's up to you of course, but Susie- Oh that's right."

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