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(the) latest: (the) newest, most recent, most current
Note the difference between 'last' and 'latest'. 'Last' refers to the final element in a series ('This was the last film he made before he died'), and 'latest' refers to the most recent (or newest) element in a series ('Have you seen the latest issue of Fishing Weekly Magazine?').


  • "The advertisements are part of Kalvin Krime's campaign for its latest men's fragrance, Washed Up."
  • "Controversial artist Rebecca Smythe brings her latest works to SFMOMA this weekend."
  • "Susie : Bruno and I have already spoken about this latest Kalvin Krime campaign, and he agrees with me that it's not the kind of thing we want to get involved in."
  • "Today, at San Francisco's historic Bleeding Heart Theatre, in the heart of the Rainbow District, the Delavigne Corporation will announce its latest charitable endeavor."
  • "Fukuyama : Karaoke toilets are the latest fashion in Japan."
  • "Re : Your latest scandal"
  • "Susie : The store has three floors full of all the latest Delavigne products."
  • "My latest mission finds me in possession of a microfiche, obtained from one Edward Moon: intern."
  • "One wonders how the company's CEO, Bruno Delavigne will react to this latest fiasco."
  • "The contemporary dance company 'Legz 11' will be performing their latest production, called 'Wind in the Treez'."

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