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a launch: a start, a beginning, an opening; a throw
Our product launch is on Wednesday, when the public will get to see it for the first time.

to launch (a product): to introduce (a product) to the market, to release (a product)
We will be launching our new ad campaign tomorrow afternoon, so you will have to wait until then to see it.

(The spacecraft is) cleared for launch: (The spacecraft is) authorized for takeoff, for departure.
Pronunciation examples
UK: I was present at the launch of Apollo 13.
US: We're launching our new online service today.


  • "Susie : I think you might have heard about the fact that Kalvin Krime has launched some perfumed billboards."
  • "Space Base Alpha : The ground staff have informed us that the spacecraft is cleared for launch."
  • "Internet fraud is the fastest-growing area of crime, and its perpetrators have just launched a major offensive on internet users."
  • "Launching Bruno Delavigne financial dialogue."
  • "Kalvin Krime Cosmetics has been making waves this week, launching a series of perfumed billboards."
  • "Sailor : Launch a torpedo?"
  • "The G-forces involved in the launch were too great, you lost consciousness."
  • "The world awaits the launch of Mile High Airways, the brainchild of UK entrepreneur Sir Rufus Ruthless."
  • "Brian : Great way to launch the debate Jean."
  • "Launch a limited edition fragrance."

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