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to learn: to study, to acquire knowledge, understanding or skills; to familiarize oneself, to understand, to practice
This is an irregular verb:
I learn / I learned or learnt / I have learned or learnt

learning: education, training; wisdom, knowledge
Pronunciation examples
UK: I've finally learnt how to tie my shoelaces!
US: When will you learn to toast bread?


  • "My divorce is finally final, and my monkey has learned to copy my signature."
  • "I've just learned that the Delavigne Christmas e-card has been intercepted by the FBI, they've censored everything!"
  • "You will learn everything in time."
  • "We think it's time the Queen learnt her lesson."
  • "learn about the culture in this peaceful land and better pick up women if the"
  • "Please learn the "Wiggelty Woggelty Wob" pledge of allegiance (attached as a PDF)."
  • "Did you say I have a lot to learn?"
  • "I know I've learnt that you people have a lot of unresolved issues."

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