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a lecture (on the life of Picasso): a talk, an address, a speech, a lesson, a presentation (on the life of Picasso)

to lecture, to give a lecture (at a university): to talk, to speak, to give a class, to teach (at a university)
To lecture (someone) can also describe giving someone a moral lesson:

He lectured me for 25 minutes on the dangers of drink driving before he let me drive to the pub.


  • "Subject: Presentation for lecture"
  • "That's right: 20 years of gathering the greatest minds in the cosmetics industry for lectures, conferences, round-table discussions and even a cocktail party or two!"
  • "Philip : Thank you so much for that warm introduction Professor Williams. My name is Philip Cheeter, and in this lecture, I'm going to teach you that sales is like a game: there are winners, like me;"
  • "Please find attached the Powerpoint presentation for your sales lecture at San Francisco University this afternoon."

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