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to lend (money to a friend): to loan, to give (money to a friend) with the expectation that you will get it back
Some common expressions:

Lend me a hand! Help me!
Lend me your ears. Listen to me.

This is an irregular verb:
I lend / I lent / I have lent


  • "Well, perhaps I could lend you some money, until you're back on your feet."
  • "You are unlikely to be lent any more money and you may not be able to transfer your existing loan from one home to another."
  • "Ah Mr. Victim, yes I'm glad to say that I've got the go-ahead to lend you the money you require."
  • "Perhaps I could lend you one of my kaftans?"
  • "I can lend you a pair of knitting needles and give you some yarn if you like."
  • "Bruno : Friends, colleagues, countrymen, lend me your ears."
  • "Although the notoriety of the local food movement is increasing, even lending such buzzwords as "food patriotism" (strong belief in sustainable local food chains) and "locavore" (one who eats only local products) to the lexicon, some remain unconvinced that the local food movement is all it's cracked up to be."
  • "I could lend it to you if you like."
  • "To make things worse, I also lent her my mobile phone."

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