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Let me know : Keep me informed, tell me
Let me know by phone or e-mail if you want me to come and pick you up.


  • "If you are going to watch TV, please let me know in advance which programs you'd like to watch."
  • "Please let me know what steps you will take to remove this material within 15 working days of the date you received this letter."
  • "Let me know what you think!"
  • "Let me know how you wish to proceed."
  • "To help schedule this picnic, I'd like you all to let me know which day is best for you this weekend."
  • "Please let me know if I can share my experience and photos about this supposedly amazing city!"
  • "Please let me know if you are bringing any food, drink or accessories along, so I'll know what to prepare."
  • "Perhaps you can let Edward know - maybe he's interested in suing his parents."
  • "Let me know if you need me to explain any books to you."
  • "Could you please let the sales department know that I'm going to have to spend the night in Chicago?"

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