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a license (US), a licence (UK): a permit, an authorization, a permission
a driver's license a permit, an authorization proving that you can drive a car


  • "Meter man : May I see your license and registration please?"
  • "Police : Your name is on your license."
  • "Cheapskate Software : The 2000 edition is available for under $300 per software license!"
  • "The police said that Icarus is definitely facing some prison time, but I think that with a little bit of the Cheeter charm, I can get it reduced to a suspended license and 2 or 3 hundred hours of community service."
  • "If that means buying licenses for the Miracle software, then I want you to buy them. The features of the programs you described are all well and good, but Icarus tells me that the Miracle database provides all of these functions and more, plus a lifetime warranty for the software and 24 hour-a-day technical support."
  • "Please, go ahead and purchase as many licenses of the Miracle software as Icarus requires."
  • "Put your hands where I can see them. License and registration, please?"

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