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a limit: a boundary, a restriction, a border, an end

to limit: to restrict, to control, to impede


  • "No limit"
  • "
    Insurance type Description Insurance limit for damages
  • "We should limit the availability of the boxed set to maintain a high demand, but only because we have no other choice."
  • "However, I would imagine that if we are to turn this potential loss into a profit, we should price these boxed sets high, and limit their supply to ensure a high demand."
  • "The speed limit is 65 miles per hour, not, 97!"
  • "Perhaps you are a purist and limit yourself to downloading pornography and heavy metal music, however whether you are podcasting vegan recipes or ranting about Venezuelan foreign policy on a message board, it seems clear that the Web has become less of an occasional tool than a full-time distraction."
  • "Test drive the new "Bogus", and explore the extreme limits of the driving experience!"
  • "Limiting sexist / racist / misogynist commentary to Twitter and Facebook"

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