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(a) little (dog): (a) small, tiny, minuscule (dog)
In English, 'short' is generally used to refer to the height of a person, while 'little' is used to describe small size in general.

little by little gradually, a bit at a time, slowly
I have little patience for games right now. I don't have much patience for games right now.

(I'm) a little (tired): (I'm) quite, a bit, rather (tired)


  • "When you laugh, it's like a small accordion which plays in the little metro of my mind."
  • "Pleasure, little treasure."
  • "On the corner is a banker with a motorcar, the little children laugh at him behind his back."
  • "I heard him say 'slip it in your bag, it's our little secret' to a young French boy shopping for a birthday present for his mother, and 'oh go on, treat yourself: I won't tell anyone' to an Icelandic tourist."
  • "Giant corporation makes bid to buy weird little juice business"
  • "What's on you, little microfiche?"
  • "I feel a wreck without my little China girl."
  • "Philip : Well then, you won't mind if I take a little look inside them. Get ready for Dr. Philip to perform surgery."
  • "Say hello to my little friend!"
  • "Why don't we just have a little jam sesh on the old bagpipes?"

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