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a lock: a device which is opened with a key, for example in a door
There's no lock to the bathroom. Anyone can open the door easily so you don't need a key.
lock-jaw tetanus
to pick the lock to open the lock with force without a key
under lock and key enclosed in a place from which one cannot escape

Should not be confused with "a lock of hair" (several hairs)

to lock (up): to fasten or close using a key
Did you remember to lock the door before leaving?
to lock up to imprison, to put in prison; to close all the doors and windows of a building using a key


  • "I'm talking about more than just locking your door at night."
  • "We've had to lock the door to his hut, I'm afraid."
  • "I locked it."
  • "Why is this door locked?"
  • "The woman, she has locked us in here!"
  • "Also, if someone could please fix the lock on the men's room stall, that would be helpful."
  • "Maybe this will teach you to lock your door!"
  • "12.51PM - Bob Carter enters room and locks door."

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