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to lodge (someone in a hotel): to accommodate, to house, to give a room to (someone in a hotel)
When Horatio first arrived to San Francisco, he was lodged at Bruno's parents' house, he then moved to a youth hostel.

to have (a bullet) lodged (in the arm): to have (a bullet) stuck (in the arm)
The doctors found a carrot lodged in the dead man's head. They are still trying to remove it.

a lodge: a hotel, a cabin, a house

a lodging: an accommodation, a home, a living space


  • "The retail magnate was detained and jailed early yesterday morning after park ranger Ernest Marshall discovered a shotgun shell lodged in the hindquarters of a bear cub near Warbuckle's ranch."
  • "I recently had guests visit me, and I was quite embarrassed to have to apologize to them about the state of my bathroom. Explaining the large pieces of wood and plaster lodged in the toilet and sink was particularly difficult."

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