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a machine: a system, a mechanism, an appliance


  • "Horatio : You have reached the voicemail machine of Horatio Oléré, the head of research and development at the Delavigne Corporation and an aspiring massage therapist."
  • "Not only are private plane flights expensive and wasteful, but Horatio is terrified of machines, with the exception of his juicer."
  • "Jean : Uh, can we buy a real espresso machine for the lounge?"
  • "I'm just here to wipe the sweat off the machines."
  • "Edward, take me to the microfiche machine!"
  • "Philip & Brian : MACHINE!"
  • "I know you don't check your e-mail very regularly, as you believe they are "devil machines", but I'm really hoping you get this message as soon as possible."
  • "So would you like to discuss your espresso machine proposal?"
  • "Let's welcome our first, and thankfully penultimate, that means second to last, entry: "Boy Joy Machine?"
  • "How dare you talk to me about egomania, you machine!"

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