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mainly: principally, mostly, especially, in particular
I watch foreign films mainly. I really like them and I watch them more than any other kind of film.


  • "Day 13 : Horatio has constructed a small tent near the ovens, comprised mainly of asparagus and T-Bone steaks."
  • "We are hoping this initiative will save time and avoid hurt feelings (mainly my own)."
  • "My responsibilities included mainly administrative tasks such as creating monthly, quarterly and annual personnel reports."
  • "but mainly about books."
  • "Mick : There are a few, but it's mainly sharks out there, mate."
  • "The record turnover is mainly due to an aggressive discount policy implemented by Delavigne's Head of Sales, Philip Cheeter."
  • "It's a fine city to do business in, and besides, I was told that Melbourne was mainly a cultural center."
  • "Wang Industries is the Shanghai-based parent company for a number of successful Chinese operations, mainly industrial companies, though Wang is diversifying his holdings rapidly."
  • "The slower growth this quarter is mainly due to new hirings."

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