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to manage (a company): to direct, to be in charge of, to administer (a company)
Our west coast representative manages 25 shops.

In a figurative sense it also means: "to achieve", "to succeed":

I'll manage. I can handle it, I'll be okay.
Susie managed to lower the budget for the ad campaign.

a manager: a supervisor, a director, a boss, an executive
The manager came to see me today. She fired me.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I finally managed to finish this report for my manager.
US: But will you ever manage to stop talking about work?


  • "I am the production manager"
  • "Manager, Golden Gate Gourmet Restaurant"
  • "To: Department Managers ("
  • "Production Manager"
  • "O and manager"
  • "Most employees of medium and large-sized companies aspire to become managers."
  • "I see you manage your own share portfolio."
  • "Please find below our personalized suggestions for new profiles for your managers on the social media site, LockedIn, based on what we know about each of them. We think that this "facelift" will improve the company's reputation and even provide new business opportunities."

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