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management (of an organization): the act of running or controlling (an organization)
The company's sales are suffering due to bad management.

the management (of a company): the bosses, people in charge of running (a business)


  • "Responsibility and management of a customer support department"
  • "I guarantee you that with a bit of careful management, both the Sydney and the Wellington teams will enjoy some healthy competition."
  • "Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Management"
  • "Felix : Business? Management?"
  • "It really changed my perspective on management, hopefully for the better!"
  • "Bruno : No, no, like business and management and math and dogs."
  • "My goal is to pursue a career in the customer service field, specifically in management."
  • "I have ten years' experience in the customer service field, as well as management experience in a local telemarketing firm. The challenging environments in which I've worked have taught me to think on my feet, communicate clearly and always remain polite and professional while dealing with callers."

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