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mandatory: obligatory, necessary, essential, compulsory
Your attendance at the meeting is mandatory. You must go even if you don't want to.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Smart clothes are mandatory for all members of staff.
US: It's mandatory that all students learn a foreign language.


  • "Anyway, feel free to use the gym at your leisure, though keep in mind that the workouts are mandatory."
  • "Just to be clear: Mandatory, unpaid holiday."
  • "I repeat, attendance is mandatory!"
  • "Voting is mandatory down under, and the law is applied rigorously."
  • "In fact, I think this movie should really be considered an educational film. Maybe it should be made mandatory for young children."
  • "She will be visiting our offices on Friday, September 24 to conduct a Technology Sensitivity Seminar, which will be mandatory for all staff members."
  • "Attendance is mandatory!"
  • "Bruno has decided not to take any disciplinary action for this massive error in judgment, however he has decided that you should undergo a mandatory session with me in HR for some pointers."
  • "Nothing is mandatory, however she will be holding group therapy sessions once a month."

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