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to measure: to quantify, to count; to evaluate, to assess

a measure: a quantity, an amount, an indicator

to get measured (by a tailor): to have your body size established (by a professional clothes maker)


  • "Philip : Measure?"
  • "So he has a giant bottom, or he must measure 5 meters!"
  • "The scarf measures 50cm in length and is designed to fit around the necks of most birds (except ostriches and emus, which require modified versions of the scarf)."
  • "Have you even measured your carbon footprints?"
  • "Go to a decent tailor and get measured properly."
  • "Seismic experts measured it at nearly 6.0 on the Richter scale."
  • "China: an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale has hit central China, leaving 6,000 people dead and the Chinese city of Xangxingxongdo in ruins."
  • "Sigourney : Yes, but these measures, don't you think they're just throwing money at a problem, without thinking long-term?"
  • "The commission wants to take measures to reduce the amount of fishing by nearly 50%."
  • "My attempts to quiz Bruno on the green measures taken by his company all fell flat."

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