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meditation: consideration, contemplation, pondering, reflection; the act of giving one's attention to only one thing

to meditate: to think calm thoughts in order to relax; to give one's attention to only one thing; to consider, to contemplate, to ponder, to reflect


  • "And you interrupted my meditation because-"
  • "Brian : Bruno, Horatio, as you know, Chuk-Chuk and I have been meditating together a lot recently."
  • "This meditating is making me happy."
  • "It seems our guided meditations combined with severe electroshock therapy have been truly beneficial for you."
  • "Meditate in any one of our seventeen zen gardens, where relaxing incense will overpower your olfactory glands."
  • "Glen : I'd like to open with a short meditation."
  • "You can call me Bruno, I hope we can exchange meditation techniques."
  • "Every day, meditation."
  • "I realised my hair was affecting my meditation, so I shaved it off."
  • "I hope that you have learned many things and meditated in many abnormal postures."

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