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a memory: a recollection, a reminiscence, a remembrance; a recall, an ability to remember
I have good memories of my honeymoon in Vegas last summer. We had some great times.
If you increase the memory of your computer, you will get a faster, smoother performance.


  • "Donna : Not a very nice memory, is it?"
  • "A warm place with no memory."
  • "Do you think you could describe you first childhood memory?"
  • "Your performance on memory tests has impressed me from afar, and truly, when you checked the box marked "No need to review", it was then that I realized I could no longer keep my deep admiration for you a secret."
  • "The memory will stay with you for the rest of your life and beyond."
  • "Let's get back to some of the memories that make Funky Friday so funky."
  • "Now I want you to focus on that memory and tell me how it makes you feel."
  • "This internship was created in the memory of Xavier Delavigne, our founding father."
  • "August 21st : Error message came up on the main terminal regarding a shortage of memory."

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