My apologies

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my apologies: sorry, excuse me, forgive me

to apologize (US), to apologise (UK): to say sorry, to express regret, to ask for forgiveness, to beg pardon

(an) apologetic (letter, person): (a letter) to say sorry or express regret, (a person) who often says "sorry"
Pronunciation examples
UK: I would like to apologise for the delay.
US: Please accept my apologies for reading your journal while I was waiting - It's very interesting.


  • "Rupert : Oh, my apologies."
  • "Bruno : My apologies Harold, but the delay couldn't be avoided."
  • "Alright, only one more apology to make and I am done!"
  • ""Apologies are like flowers;"
  • "Bruno : Apologies great one, it is I, Bruno Delavigne."
  • "Philip : One more apology, and I am so finished."
  • "Examples: "She demanded a letter of apology from me after I destroyed her life."
  • "
    ■ noun plural:apologies
  • "Anyway, I'm expecting a full written apology or I'm going to tell your family about your wicked San Francisco "lifestyle"."
  • "apology /əˈpɒlədʒi/ Pronunciation: [uh-pol-uh-jee]"

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