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nearly : almost, close to, practically
I've been working at Delavigne for nearly fifteen years now. Next Friday it will be fifteen years exactly.

(I) nearly (had a heart attack): (I) almost, practically, virtually (had a heart attack)
I nearly lost my job for smoking in the office: the boss says if I do it again I'll be fired.


  • "I ate so much I nearly split my pants."
  • "The sun is rising, it is nearly dawn."
  • "Our lab tests reveal nearly fatal levels of mescaline, bath salts and bong water in his system, as well as trace elements of orange juice and horse tranquilizer."
  • "I nearly got lost on the golf course."
  • "Captain Donny Dare has since amassed over 14,000 hours of flight time and nearly 300 enemy kills."
  • "Bruno : I'm sorry, Mrs. Yang, but Miracle Juices has been a dream of ours for nearly 2 months now, and I'm not willing to part with it so soon."
  • "Philip : So, I said, 'rectum?' I nearly killed him!"
  • "The group, led by twin brothers Desmond and Brian Jones, is back together after a messy break-up nearly 20 years ago."
  • "A new report published by the BNB (Bad News Bearers) shows that obesity among Americans is not slowing down, as naive idealists continue to suggest, but rather growing at a nearly exponential rate."
  • "-In a recent survey, nearly 70% of customers indicated that they wanted their needs and desires met prior to having to ask."

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