Definition Necessary

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necessary: required, needed, compulsory, obligatory, essential
a necessary evil a thing that you do not like but which you know must exist or happen
no experience necessary experience or prior knowledge is not required

unnecessary: needless, not required, not needed, redundant


  • "Mr. Capone, was that really necessary?"
  • "Musical accompaniment should be provided during the audition if necessary."
  • "Bruno : No, that's not necessary."
  • "We all know that we shouldn't leave our computers on standby and that we shouldn't print out e-mails and documents unless absolutely necessary."
  • "Do you have the equipment necessary to produce these bottles en masse?"
  • "With around 20% of the British population currently falling into the "obese" category, and a further 40% being classified as "overweight", the government decided a change was necessary."
  • "Giuseppe knows how to get in touch with me if absolutely necessary."
  • "Wipe table with a damp cloth when necessary"
  • "Bruno : No, that won't be necessary."
  • "Basic computer skills necessary."

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