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a needle: a pin, a sharp bit of metal used for sewing; a syringe
Icarus is scared of needles, he once pricked himself on one as a child and hasn't liked them ever since.

a needle (on a record player): a thin piece of metal or jewel which touches vinyl records and reads the vibrations
Pronunciation examples
UK: Icarus is scared of needles.
US: Do you have a needle and thread? I'm going to try to stitch up this abdomen. Ok?


  • "eh. needles."
  • "you eliminate the sound of crackling by wiping the dust from the record and needle with a cloth."
  • "His many tasks involve everything from chemical experimentation to intense brainstorming sessions, during which he lies prostrate on a bed of needles and repeats a string of incomprehensible syllables, often for hours at a time."
  • "The last person who made me laugh got a needle in his eye."
  • "Nurse Baker : Are you scared of needles?"
  • "I can lend you a pair of knitting needles and give you some yarn if you like."

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