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neighborhood (US), neighbourhood (UK): locality, part of town, area, district

a neighbor (US), a neighbour (UK): a person who lives near, close to your home
Pronunciation examples
UK: I live in a very safe neighbourhood.
US: My neighborhood is full of trees.
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  • "I have a thing with my neighbor's au pair, and her personal trainer."
  • "What neighborhood do you live in?"
  • "New Zealanders and Australians are like competitive neighbours - always trying to beat each other."
  • "I would ask you to please show some respect and consideration for your neighbors and see to it that the necessary repairs get done post-haste."
  • "He lives in the Belleville neighborhood, and I was told he has a special gift."
  • "Quiet neighborhood, 15 minutes from San Francisco"
  • "The neighbor's dog chased me down the street and I had to hide in a dumpster all night."
  • "I'm tired because my neighborhood is very loud."
  • "The events took place late last night at a trendy bar in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, where witnesses reported seeing an altercation between two men arguing over the television program being shown."

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