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the news: information about recent events (for example in the newspaper, on the television)
The news is very depressing today.
I have some good news!


  • "I have some exciting news!"
  • "Subject: Even more important news"
  • "Celebrity - Reporting news about celebrities, because they are better than you!"
  • "These days, people are shopping and banking online, instant messaging from mobile phones, posting status updates through Spitter, blogging, vlogging (or better yet mobile vlogging), aggregating news from various sources and perfecting their profiles on popular social networking sites."
  • "A new report published by the BNB (Bad News Bearers) shows that obesity among Americans is not slowing down, as naive idealists continue to suggest, but rather growing at a nearly exponential rate."
  • "AFS machine : Good morning Edward, I have some wonderful news"
  • "Bruno : I suppose you heard the news."
  • "I have some very important news about the criminal cases against you Mr. Capone."
  • "Horatio : Do you have any news from Bruno?"
  • "Bruno : I've read the news, Brian."

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