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(right) next to (your mother): (Very) near to, close to (your mother)
Sit next to me.

Next to (you, I'm nice)!: Compared to (you, I'm nice)!


  • "Fortunately, however, a few fragments were spared, and I have put them in the bucket next to this letter."
  • "Tatiana : Ok, here we have very large cathedral, next to very big church, next to medium size church, next to very small church."
  • "jpeg", and voilà - my photo is next to the article on Geek!"
  • "I thought I was crazy, but next to these two nuts, I am very normal, and exceptionally concerned for the future of Europe."
  • "The venue will be Golden Gate Park, next to Queen Wilhelmina's windmill."
  • "Anyway, I am standing next to none other than entrepreneur Bruno Delavigne, who has just emerged from intense marathon negotiation sessions with the International Fruit Concern, Incorporated."
  • "This man next to me is Jermaine Gilchrist."
  • "This is my dad about thirty years ago, and this woman right next to him, I think that that is-"

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