No other choice

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no other choice: without any other option

I have no choice but to fire you: The only option I have is to sack, fire you

(Win a date with the celebrity) of your choice!: (Win a date with) whichever (celebrity) you like!


  • "You can keep your current frequent flyer miles, and as a new customer with Loman's, you get a bonus 10 miles towards the airline of your choice."
  • "Edward : But Bruno sir, if you're not satisfied with our customer service, please allow me to offer you a 50-dollar voucher for the perfume of your choice."
  • "I'd like to offer you a special coupon good towards any Delavigne perfume of your choice."
  • "We should limit the availability of the boxed set to maintain a high demand, but only because we have no other choice."
  • "Lucie : It's a good thing too, I have no choice but to meet with you and take the tour"
  • "Your mission for this week, should you choose to accept it: take a trip to the destination of your choice on a Greendog bus!"

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