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to notice: to observe, to see, to note, to spot, to mind
I noticed that you were using your cell phone during my speech.
As you may have noticed... As you may have seen, observed, realized...

a notice: a notification, advice, news, a communication, an announcement; a warning
It says in the notice on the door that the building is scheduled to be demolished in thirty days.
to give notice to advise, to notify, to give prior warning


  • "Jamaican girl : You'll probably notice."
  • "Have you noticed any weaknesses?"
  • "Another thing I've noticed about L."
  • "Here is my notice."
  • "knock on your door out of the blue saying that they notice that your roof / driveway / windows / walls need urgent work."
  • "I've got my letter of notice right here."
  • "You'll notice that our prices are very competitive."
  • "I noticed that you have expanded the family business."
  • "Notice anything?"
  • "It's just that I've noticed a surprising trend: TigerLily isn't being bought by Rebecca."

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