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to operate (a machine): to control, to use (a machine); to make (a machine) work, function

to operate (on somebody's heart): to perform surgery (on somebody's heart)

an operation (medicine, business): surgery, a surgical procedure (medicine); a business, a procedure, an organization (business)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Do you know how to operate a photocopier?
US: The surgeon operated on her appendix.
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  • "Operated By: MIRACLE AIRLINES"
  • "As a result of the operation, Mr. Connors was physically unable to drive his own car, due to the many bandages covering his eyes, which is why Mr. Marron happened to be at the wheel."
  • "The only disadvantage is that some workers need to use both of their hands to operate machinery."
  • "Of course, with all this information, the scammers can perform just about any operation they like with the account, including taking all the money out of it."
  • "A co-branding operation seems to be the obvious solution."
  • "You won't be able to remove your bandages for four to six hours after the operation."
  • "I hope to tour your factory during operating hours, however I don't want to disturb the production process!"
  • "This looks like a rescue operation, Brent."
  • "I'd really like to learn a new language or two, so I could operate more efficiently in, say, the Middle Eastern sector."

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