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a pair: a couple, a duo, a twosome, a doublet, two of a kind
I only have one pair of hands.
During the field trip, the children must walk in pairs. They don't have to hold hands, but they must walk two-by-two.
Those two make a good pair.

to pair: to match, to team, to put in pairs, to join, to couple
It was a good idea to pair Paola with Polly. Those two get on very well together.


  • "Horatio : No, it's not a drink, just a real pair of metal scissors for."
  • "PS: Don't forget to bring a pair of swimming trunks and a rifle."
  • "Each pair comes with a plastic moustache attached, too!"
  • "I am a pair of organs in the abdominal region of the body."
  • "And where shall I put this pair of boxer shorts with hearts on them?"
  • "Host : I am a pair of organs located in the chest, I am made up of two spongy sacks."
  • "(I've found glasses for just $1 a pair online."
  • "Edward : Actually, a pair of vintage Elkie Johns sunglasses."
  • "$400 for the pair."
  • "Not only did I lose the deal, but Stink ruined my favorite pair of pants."

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