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the participation: the act of sharing or engaging in a group activity
Thank you for your participation.

to participate: to take part in, to engage in
Do you want to participate in the school play?
Your participation in this class is obligatory.


  • "Every Monday morning the students participate in 'show and tell', where students bring an object from home and present it to the class."
  • "Thanks again for your participation."
  • "We were cited in a few local newspapers for our participation in recycling and tree-planting programs."
  • "Jonas, thanks for your participation, we'll see you next time on Radio Rhubarb!"
  • "Susie : Those animals are voluntary assistants to our Research and Development team. I can assure you that they are well compensated for their participation."
  • "I'd like to thank everyone for their participation and let's not get discouraged by these negative results."
  • "Brian : You found real journalists to participate in a training exercise?"
  • "Participated in setting sales objectives"
  • "After careful consideration, I'm afraid Delavigne will not be able to participate in this project."

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