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particularly: especially, largely, mainly, notably, predominantly, principally


  • "-They have been known to eat cats (particularly ALF)"
  • "I recently had guests visit me, and I was quite embarrassed to have to apologize to them about the state of my bathroom. Explaining the large pieces of wood and plaster lodged in the toilet and sink was particularly difficult."
  • "Sexual tastes are particularly exotic this year."
  • "In order to improve our organization's reputation for service, here are some proven customer service guidelines that I have found particularly beneficial"
  • "Works with all DC subcontractors overseas, particularly in Asia."
  • "Xavier loved sports, particularly Water Polo, though he never understood how to get the horses in the swimming pool."
  • "The phone call was not unpleasant because the customer was dissatisfied, nor because it interrupted a particularly amusing day dream about space travel that I was enjoying."
  • "Elkie Johns : Well, it's a nice poem and I particularly liked your 'oh la la' sexy French accent."
  • "I'll be talking to quite a few retailers and prospective clients: I'm particularly looking forward to meeting Cheryl Mackenna of Sheik Jafar's Perfume Conglomerate."
  • "-They enjoy Mexican food, particularly chile con carne"

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