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a partnership: a collaboration, an association, cooperation, a union

a partner: an associate, a collaborator, a colleague; a companion, a lover

to partner up with (somebody): to collaborate, to join up, to work with (somebody)
We plan to partner up with the government next year for a joint project.
to form a partnership with / to go into partnership with to create an alliance, a collaboration with


  • "Each of you will perform a short monologue as if you were your partner."
  • "Howdy Partner!"
  • "Horatio and I are no longer partners."
  • "Please excuse my partner."
  • "You eliminate the competition for our perfumes, and I have a hundred screaming partners to worry about."
  • "Lawrence Laughsalot : The objective of this mission is to get to know your partner."
  • "1999-2000 Push, Push & Push Telemarketing Partners Inc."
  • "Responsible for product support for sales partners and clients"
  • "My name is Bruno Delavigne, and alongside me for this very special press conference is my colleague and partner, Horatio Oléré."
  • "MyFace is a website that allows you to waste your time at work, spy on your partner, and forward spam messages to your entourage!"

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