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a perfume: a fragrance, a scented liquid (example: Chanel N°5, CK One)

perfumed: scented, fragranced, with a pleasant smell

a perfumer: a seller or maker of fragrances, scents
Pronunciation examples
UK: Delavigne makes the world's most beautiful perfumes.
US: You pretentious, perfumed idiot!
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  • "I've also renewed our contract with Ivana Bümbüm and she will continue to promote Delavigne perfumes for the next four years."
  • "Bruno : Horatio, show me all of Delavigne's major perfumes from the last 10 years."
  • "Drug pusher and consumer of alcohol and perfumes"
  • "He writes: Miss Bliss, how do you manage to thrive in the male-dominated perfume industry?"
  • "No, his other boss, perfume magnate and Franco-American playboy, Bruno Delavigne, who may ask for a moist towelette or a dry martini at a moment's notice."
  • "I've selected a number of provocative outfits for the shoot - Japanese schoolgirl, sexy nurse, dark-haired CEO of a perfume company."
  • "Here I am, back in the laboratory to make some perfumes."
  • "the Delavigne perfumes."
  • "Top 5 perfume sales worldwide, 35 years straight."
  • "For the last century, Delavigne has been among the industry leaders in cosmetics and perfumes."

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