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a period: an amount of time, a duration, an era

a period (at the end of a sentence) (US): a full stop, a "." at the end of a sentence (US)
It's over. Period. It's over. My decision is final.

(a) period (building): (an) old-fashioned, antique (building)

a (menstrual) period: a time of the month during which menstruation occurs
Are you on your period? Are you currently menstruating?


  • "It's got to be tonight. Period."
  • "Edward : Hello everyone, this is a song I wrote over the Christmas period, when I was alone."
  • "I have included an audio file of the patient during one of his calmer periods."
  • "Once this period is over, you don't necessarily have to come back to work immediately."
  • "Though I am still mourning Stink (a period which will last 40 days and 40 nights), I have decided to communicate to you my wishes for your atonement."
  • "I am sorry for being so insensitive PERIOD."
  • "Horatio : Are you on your period?"
  • "You are great PERIOD."
  • "To a very special lady PERIOD."
  • "Philip : Please stop crying PERIOD."

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