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personal: individual, particular, exclusive; private, of a sensitive nature


  • "On a personal note, I know a great midwife specializing in natural home births."
  • "I Just booked a plane ticket to Hong Kong using my personal credit card."
  • "This is a very real cause that both of us have a very personal connection to."
  • "No matter how much your department stores are grossing every month, there's no way you can stay out of personal debt when you're spending like this."
  • "that's for a personal project I'm working on!"
  • "just put them in 'Icarus's personal pile'!"
  • "I, the great Horatio Oléré, am humbled to make this anonymous donation, in my name, of 10 million euros to the Horatio Oléré memorial bank account for my personal enjoyment and retirement."
  • "I put my job first, and ignored distractions like personal relationships, friends, lovers even pets and occasionally personal hygiene."
  • "It seems to me that your spending on personal luxuries is out of control."

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