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personally: in person; confidentially, privately; in my opinion

(he'll be here) personally, in the flesh: (he'll be here) in person, myself


  • "I personally pledge to oversee all costumes and dance routines in order to ensure their fabulousness."
  • "Personally, I intend to achieve my goals as soon as humanly possible, and in one case, as soon as time travel technology permits."
  • "Edward : Not personally, sir, no."
  • "Judge : Well, personally I found that argument quite convincing, but, I suppose that legally, you're entitled to defend yourself, Mr. Delavigne."
  • "Bruno : Not personally."
  • "Warbuckle has personally provided four options for his privileged customers to consider and vote on."
  • "I will not be giving the tour to Mr. Warbuckle personally, because this is not one of my duties as a personal assistant."
  • "Melanie : I can personally guarantee that your life will change if you buy this book."
  • "I'd also like to personally offer you a little something for all my gratitude."

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