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a perspective: a point of view, a position, a standpoint
Things are going well from my perspective. From my point of view, everything's great!
From a historical perspective, this may not seem like a bad idea. Thinking about it from a historical point of view, I think this might work.

(Just) to put that into perspective (it represents 60% of our sales): (Just) for comparison purposes, for a clearer view of the situation as a whole (it represents 60% of our sales)
Over 10 million French men suffer from colds. To put that into perspective, that's 1 out of every 10 men,.

Let's put things in(to) perspective: We will now add some context, look at this in comparison to other things


  • "Moira : And just to put that into perspective for all of you, that's nearly double the time that Brent lasts in bed, according to his ex-wife."
  • "Bruno : Let me put things in perspective for you, Ira."
  • "Maybe you should ask Hannah as well, she'll give you a woman's perspective."
  • "Susie : If you consider the dangers of questionable labor practices strictly from a financial perspective, you'll find that continuing to exploit cheap labor sources is extremely risky."
  • "Brian said you are a woman manager, and so you have a different perspective."
  • "That harrowing experience gave me a new perspective on the nature of my own life, and how I want to spend the rest of it."
  • "Hopefully, you'll find some much-needed perspective on the direction you've taken professionally."
  • "I understand that it is always difficult when employees leave the Delavigne family, however a bit of foresight would have been helpful in avoiding this situation, which, from a business perspective, makes no sense whatsoever."
  • "It really changed my perspective on management, hopefully for the better!"
  • "Philip : Let's put things in perspective."

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