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to persuade: to convince, to influence, to induce
He's still trying to persuade me to buy the car, but however much he tries to convince me, it's my decision in the end.

persuasive: convincing, influential, compelling
Pronunciation examples
UK: The salesman persuaded me to buy a monkey.
US: You'll never persuade me to cut my hair.
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  • "If you really want to keep Jean on our staff, you'll persuade him to start taking some courses, you'll help him get trained."
  • "Minor victory: I've persuaded Horatio to wear rubber gloves after using the toilet."
  • "You never know what you're going to get with Warbuckle, but if anyone can persuade him, it's me."
  • "So unless you can persuade me otherwise, we may have to seriously reconsider Philip's suggestions."
  • "Luckily for you, Freddy and I are members of the same golf club and I managed to persuade him not to press charges."
  • "I found your advert to be quite persuasive."

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