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plenty: a lot of, an abundance of, many, much; enough, sufficient
adverb, adjective, noun
There are five beers in the refrigerator, that should be plenty for one person. I'm sure that will be enough.
There was alcohol, and plenty of it. There really was a lot of drink at the party!
I already have plenty to do today. I'm not looking for any more work!

plentiful: abundant, numerous, copious, in large quantity
I have a plentiful supply of gin at home. There are over eighty bottles.


  • "Dad : Oh believe me, I grew up with grandpa Xavier, and plenty of people think he's weird."
  • "I've got plenty of other Scottish things planned for today: I've got a full-sized replica of the Loch Ness monster in the parking lot, and Brian mentioned that he'd like to try on some dresses with you later."
  • "Get some rest, and drink plenty of fluids."
  • "Take plenty of reading material!"
  • "There are plenty of other alternatives."
  • "Jason : We have plenty of other vacancies too: shrimp catchers, for example."
  • "He has plenty of room in the backyard!"
  • "I would like the main bedroom to have direct access to the bathroom and plenty of storage space."
  • "Sam : Well you should have plenty of time."
  • "The third property has plenty of storage space."

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