Plug in

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to plug in: to connect to a power point
You must plug in your computer if you want to use it because the battery is dead.

unplugged: disconnected, not plugged in
Please make sure your radio is not unplugged, we need to keep in contact.

a plug: a part of an electrical device which we insert into the wall to get energy
A "plug" is a male electrical connector that fits into a female "socket" usually situated on a wall.

Pronunciation examples
UK: This plug needs to be plugged in to that socket over there.
US: This robot is unplugged. Please plug it in!


  • "Sockets to plug phones and laptops in, so your boss can contact you even while you travel (great)."
  • "Complained about problem to Polly at lunch, and she told me to plug it in."
  • "I would also like someone to set up her email account, check that all the cables are plugged in properly to her P."
  • "It turns out our older one wasn't actually broken, you know, just unplugged."

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