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a policy: a procedure, a plan, a political stance, a political intervention; rules, a protocol
There's a no-smoking policy in the office. There is a rule that forbids, bans smoking in the office.
Our policy is to hire the most qualified individuals. As you have no qualifications, you would have to convince the board to change their recruitment guidelines.
an insurance policy a written contract guaranteeing replacement or money in the case of damage or loss to an insured item

Note that in some other languages "politics" (general political life) translates the same as policy. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between policy, a concrete policy, oriented and applied to a specific aim, and politics, which is more related to government and the general orientation of the policies:

The senator's anti-terrorism policy is very controversial. He says that suspected terrorists should be tortured during their interrogation.
The politics of our president are quite right-wing. He wants to make abortion illegal, stop immigration and bring back the death penalty.

company policy: the company or business rules, guidelines, approach
Pronunciation examples
UK: Our company provides insurance policies to cover all risks.
US: The government's new education policy is unpopular.

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