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a poster: a notice, a bill (for example on a wall and advertising a new product)
There is a big poster downtown that says that Elvis has a new album coming out.


  • "There's a poster on the wall of my office that says 'A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than the giant himself."
  • "Some of the images from that session were much more discreet than the ones we chose for the posters."
  • "Bruno : The posters you see every day on the streets of Paris would probably be considered pornographic here in the States."
  • "Bruno : What's wrong with posters?"
  • "Unfortunately, it's not good news: I've had several complaints about the provocative nature of our posters."
  • "I am writing to express my outrage at the Delavigne posters which have appeared all over San Francisco."
  • "She has quite a collection of whale and dolphin posters."
  • "With these posters, we wanted to encourage ordinary women to discover their sensuality."
  • "Please remember that posters on streetcars and buses are seen by everyone."
  • "Delavigne is aware of cultural differences, and has therefore decided to release a tailor-made version of each poster for each country where the adverts will be running."

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