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to prepare (a meal, a trip): to make, to plan, to get ready for (a meal, a trip)

(He was) unprepared (for the meeting): (He was) not ready (for the meeting)

(I am) prepared (to answer any questions you may have): (I am) happy, ready (to answer any questions you may have)

(We are) preparing (for the exam): (We are) getting ready, training, practicing (for the exam)


  • "I need to prepare."
  • "Jonas : Well, the first day we usually go to the beach, and the second day we prepare for Autumn."
  • "Please let me know if you are bringing any food, drink or accessories along, so I'll know what to prepare."
  • "But Mr. Delavigne, Mr. Oléré, we are prepared to give you a billion dollars!"
  • "Susie : I've already got something prepared."
  • "I feel more prepared to take a leadership position not only in the workplace, but also at the head of a small country again, if ever the need arises."
  • "Our advice to concert-goers: if you enjoy vulgar language, prepare to be delighted!"
  • "Prepare yourself for the descent, you are going to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere."
  • "I thought you might be thirsty, so I've prepared a selection of fine whiskies."
  • "Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff."

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